All that you should know about Certainteed Shingles

CertainTeed Ceilings ? The Perfect Choice For Your Homes

CertainTeed is a Saint Gobain?s brand. There are different varieties of makes, colors etc. in CertainTeed ceilings and these are used for various buildings and various purposes. The noise transmissions and noise echoing are greatly reduced by the CertainTeed ceilings. The riddance and management of noise pollution in the environment with its harmful effects is very necessary for improving the quality of life. That is why many designers and architects have started using CertainTeed ceilings Decoustics for providing solutions which sound better as well as look good. These shingles can be used in a variety of functions, ranging from schools and homes to hospitals. The acoustic ceilings are added by CertainTeed ceilings which vary to a great extent from the acoustic panels which are available in markets these days. The functions of cleanliness, sound containment, fire protection and sound absorption are combined together by CertainTeed acoustics and the aesthetics are also very well taken care of.

CertainTeed Ceilings

CertainTeed CeilingsDesigner ceilings too are offered by CertainTeed ceilings. They have a very high-end finish and are upbeat and smooth. Recycled products are used for making them and these can be effectively used for purposes of sound absorption. The Adagio Designer Series in CertainTeed is very famous and is a great choice for music rooms and offices. The noise is absorbed in right amounts and the noise percolation is prevented which comes from the next room. There are various functional and economical panels in the ?Performance Series?. Good acoustics and an even look is provided by ?Sand Micro?.

A gypsum option, fiberglass and a mineral fiber is offered by the ?Symphony series?. The ideal acoustical performance is provided by the room which is tuned in. In the ?open plan?, ?Fine Fissured? and ?Cashmere?, there are a variety of patterns and textures available in CertainTeed ceilings. Theatre Black, A.C and Vinyl shield options should be considered for precise functions such as theatre applications or humidity resistance.

CertainTeed Ceilings

CertainTeed ceilings are a pioneer in manufacturing ceilings through which sustainable development is supported. The characteristics of sustainable development are integrated in its manufacturing methods. This can be seen in its treatment during shipping process and also from the materials used in the ceilings. CertainTeed is the associate of USGBC.

CertainTeed CeilingsA recycling plan is presented by the CertainTeed ceilings for recycling and return of used ceiling tiles, apart from the materials which are used in production. One can get an added advantage. Instead of the discarded panels being sent to local landfills, this cost cutting methods can be used. There is a recycling into the ceiling products and ceiling tile of industrial garbage which comprises more than 75%. The post consumer garage and steel mill slag is incorporated by the mineral fiber which is used in CertainTeed ceilings. A certificate has been awarded to CertainTeed Ecophene for low water waste. An acoustical performance is presented by CertainTeed ceilings. Some also help in promotion of day lighting and work really well in architectural designs. These designs reduce the lighting densities which result in greenhouse gas reductions and energy savings.


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